The aircraft and aerospace industry requires alloys to provide corrosion, wear, and impact resistance as well as high-strength characteristics.

At Concast Metal Products Co., our unparalleled experience, service, and quality are at the foundation of our success in meeting the demand for alloys utilized in various aerospace and aircraft-related applications. These include bushings and bearings utilized in landing gear along with other industry-specific applications. Concast is also certified to AS9100 standards and requirements for the aerospace industry. [AS9100 certificate can be viewed here].

Concast is the exclusive North American distributor of Hardiall® (C72900) produced by Lebronze Alloys. Hardiall is an extruded, spinodal hardened copper nickel-tin (CuNiSn) bronze alloy designed for high-strength applications where toughness is required. It resists mechanical wear, galling, stress relaxation, corrosion and erosion, matching the stringent needs of the aircraft and aerospace industries. It is non-magnetic and easy to machine into complex components. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, being lead and beryllium free, thus making it a beryllium copper substitute alloy.

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This group of copper alloys is used in aircraft and aerospace industry applications:

  • C51000 - Aircraft bushings and bearings

  • AMS 4640-C63000 - Aircraft parts, pump shafts, structural members, landing gear parts

  • AMS 4590-C63020 - Aircraft parts, pump shafts, structural members, landing gear parts

  • AMS 4634-C64200 - Aircraft parts, landing gear parts

  • AMS 4596-C72900; AMS 4597-C72900; AMS 4598-C72900 (Hardiall®) - Landing gear bushings and bearings, control surface and actuator bushings and bearings, wing flap bearings, wheel bearings, brakes, door hardware, hydraulic actuators, valves, steering joints, helicopter controls, compression fit airframe fasteners, electronic system connectors

  • C86300 - High load gear, bearing applications

  • C86500 - High load gear, bearing applications

  • C90300 - Aircraft landing gear bushings

  • C90500 - Aircraft bushings and bearings

  • C90700 - Aircraft accessory drives

  • C93700 - Aircraft control bushings

  • C94100 - Aircraft carburetor bearings

  • C94300 - Aircraft carburetor bearings

  • C95400 - Bearings, bushings, landing gear components, engine components

  • C95500 - Aircraft components, landing gear parts

  • AMS 4880-C95510 - Aircraft components, landing gear parts

We have the right copper alloys for the needs and demands of the aircraft and aerospace industry. We are ready to ship these products to anywhere in the United States or around the globe.

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