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Our products are utilized on a global scale

Nearly every market uses a Wieland Concast product in some form. The following are a few specific markets that rely on our products:

Customer advantages

No matter what the application, Wieland Concast provides a solution. We produce continuous-cast alloy products, giving our customers tremendous advantages over other casting methods. Benefits of continuous casting include the following:

  • Uniform structures (eliminates hard spots)

  • Favorable mechanical properties

  • Greater friction and wear properties

  • Excellent machinability and fabrication ability

  • Reasonable cost

Comparing Wieland Concast's high-quality castings to products made by other casting methods reveals impressive results. For example, our C93200 continuous cast bronze bar stock produces 42% higher yield strength, 34% higher impact strength, and 64% higher fatigue strength when compared to other casting methods.

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