We offer special alloys, shapes, and sizes in the ASTM-B 505, 800- and 900-series specifications. Almost any extruded shape profile can be produced using continuous-cast technology. Concast can also supply centrifugals up to 30". Custom tubes, squares, rectangles, and unique shapes can be continuous cast to within .005" tolerance in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 16", cut to custom lengths. Brass anodes and phos-copper anodes are produced by Concast as well.

Architects, engineers, and specifiers often turn to Concast to develop custom copper alloys for their specific products. Over the years of working with original equipment manufacturers, Concast has developed proprietary alloys custom designed to their exact needs.

Made-to-Order Custom Manufacturing Capability

  • Custom Shapes

    Custom shapes are near-net shapes. Customers can dictate the shape based on the parts needed.

  • Certifications

    Certifications are available based on published specifications and proprietary specifications.

  • Custom Packaging

    is available to meet the following customer needs:

    • Protection of the material

    • Weight requirements

    • Loading and unloading capabilities

    • Length requirements

  • Custom Labeling

    As required to meet the customer’s individual needs.

  • Custom Barcoding

    Industry standard barcoding available by individual bar or product bundle. Customized bundle tags available upon request.

  • Custom Lengths

    Product can be shipped in custom lengths and sizes to meet the customer’s individual manufacturing needs.



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