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Continuous cast

Copper nickel-tin alloy C96900 is spinodal hardened to reflect properties similar to copper beryllium alloys. C969 is characterized by excellent bearing performance, a high stiffness ratio, excellent machinability and corrosion resistance, and is nonmagnetic.

C96900 is also designated as CuNi15Sn8A.


Product description: Copper-nickel-tin
Solids: Consult mill
Tubes: 2" to 14" O.D.*
Rectangles: Consult mill
Standard lengths: 24"**
Shape/Form: Semi-finished, mill stock or near-net shapes, anode, bar stock, billet/bloom, squares, hex, plate, profile or structural shape, flats/rectangular bar

 *Consult mill for wall thickness 
**Consult mill for other lengths

Typical uses

Industrial: Bushings, bearings, chemical processing equipment, components for oil refineries, fittings, steam fittings
Marine: Component parts for sea water corrosion resistance, elbows/flanges/propeller sleeves/pump bodies/pump impellers/valves to resist sea water
Plumbing: Plumbing parts

Chemical composition

Cu% Sn% Ni%1 Mn%
Chemical composition according to ASTM B505/B505M-23
76.80 8.00 15.00 0.20

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties according to ASTM B505/B505M-23
Tensile strength, min Yield strength, at 0.2% extension under load, min Elongation, in 4D or 2 in. or 50 mm min Brinell hardness   Remarks
ksi MPa ksi MPa % min BHN  
110 758 105 724 4   Heat treated;
Rockwell C32

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