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Copper alloys and bronzes play a major role in defense and military preparedness. Bronze alloys are widely used in the manufacturing of weaponry and weaponry components. Powerful motors used to drive large vehicles and submarine propulsion systems are made of alloys produced by Concast.

A variety of copper alloys are found in high-performance, high-pressure valves, pumps, shafts, bolting, flanges, couplings, steering mechanisms and turret gears in tanks, aircraft undercarriage components, and periscopes.

Concast provides the United States Military with a vast array of off-the-shelf products, custom-manufactured shapes, and proprietary cast materials.

The alloys we supply meet federal and military specification requirements such as MIL-B-16541, AMS4842D and QQ-C-390B. Concast also produces alloys meeting  the highest military standards such as CDA and ASTM.

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