C72900 Hardiall® DESIGNATIONS


C72900 Copper nickel-tin bronze DESIGNATIONS AND INFORMATION

Hardiall® Copper nickel-tin bronze CuNi15Sn8 (UNS C72900), produced by Lebronze Alloys, complies with and exceeds aircraft and aerospace standards such as AMS 4596, 4597, 4598, AMS-STD-2154 Class B, and others. The oil and gas industry is provided compliance with NACE MR0175 and API Spec 6A requirements. The alloy is available in both TX and TS tempers.

Key features and benefits of Hardiall include hardness, high pressure and load-resistance capacity, low friction, ductility and fatigue strength, pitting / cracking / spalling resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, high performance at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures from -193° F to 572° F, and dimensional stability. Its unique combination of surface and mechanical properties make it an alternative to beryllium copper, nickel-based corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs), titanium, precipitation hardening steels, stainless steel, and manganese bronzes.

Hardiall copper nickel-tin alloys have a specific metallurgy enabling a spinodal decomposition and thus providing a unique combination of material properties. High mechanical properties are reached by hot working or a combination of hot and cold working, and are drastically enhanced with a final heat treatment controlling the spinodal decomposition. For example, a threefold increase in the yield strength over the base metal is achieved after the spinodal decomposition treatment.

C729 is available, standard stocked, in AMS 4596, AMS 4597, and AMS 4598 specifications.

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