Concast Metal Products Co.
Vendor Terms & Conditions

Concast would like to remind vendors of their contribution to product and service conformity and safety, along with the importance of ethical behavior.

Concast requests to be notified of any nonconformances or process changes that would affect Concast or its customers, and the prevention of using counterfeit parts.

Concast requires the implementation of a Quality Management System.

Concast will expressly communicate any requirements for the following:

1. special qualifications for persons involved.

2. any verification, validation, inspection, or statistical techniques required for product acceptance at your location.

3. the need to flow down requirements to your providers.

4. any documented information retention minimums.

5. right of access by Concast, their customer, or any regulatory authority to areas of the facility and applicable documented information.

6. the need to use customer-designated approved sources.

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